Tuesday, May 12, 2009

English lemon cake

After my trip to London, I still dream about the lemon cake from the natural history museum cafe. The cafe has a nice ambiance with exhibit displays of dinosaur and panda. In the center of the cafe there was a long table with an elegant arrangement of English cakes. The Englishs must have bestowed afternoon tea with great importance. The museum was awesome with so many different zones to visit. Since Ced and I arrived 2 hours before the closing time, I just did the blue zone - Dinosaurs, Fish et mammals- and I briefly glanced through the other zones: Darwin and the precious stones.

Back to the lemon cake, it was very moist and soft in the interior with a fresh citrus tang. Pure simple delight.
So when I came back to Lyon, I scoured though recipes online before I found one, similar to the english lemony ones, at Tentations gourmande de Chris.

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