Sunday, April 26, 2009

Hainanese Chicken Rice

Just some pictures of the famous Hainanese Chicken Rice from Singapore that I have made this weekend. Gosh, I miss Singapore, Ice Kachang, Satay, Popiah and all.


Jookan said...

Please help me!!! I bet with my co workers that I would find them chicken Rice in Seoul! They are from Singapore and talk about it every day!! Thank you soo much!

IceCatSeoul said...

Hi Jookan,
it is quite difficult to find Singaporean food in Seoul when I was living there in 2006-2007. Maybe more Singaporean restaurants have sprung up there now. I know there is Crystal Jade Chinese restaurant and Yakun Kaya Toast in Seoul. They are both franchises from Singapore. I think Chinese Jade serves Duck and Chicken. Not sure if it's the same as the famous Chicken Rice from Singapore. Otherwise you would have to have instant premix from the Asian grocery store in Itaewon.