Tuesday, February 03, 2009

Latest gadget in my Kitchen.

A Kenwood Chef Titanium Mixer. In France, they call it a robot. Don't ask me why. It is stationed on my Ikea counter top, barely fits that tiny space between my Nespresso machine and fruit bowl. I could say it looks very Pro, with the titanium coating. It comes with5 attachments - a dough hook, Glass Liquidiser, a k-beather, a flexible 'Double K' and a whisk. And I flipped through the brochure, there were like 20 other options I could get: Sausage maker, pasta maker, potato peeler, Meat slicers, shredder, mincer, icecream maker. The possibilities are endless, or rather excessive.

For the past 2 weeks, I have been gathering ingredients for my baking projects. Swedish cardamom rolls and Alsacian Kugelogf. It seems to take forever to shop for ingredients. I will either forget this or that. And there we go again, back to the supermarket. The key actor for the Kugelogf is still missing: the kugelogf mould.

All ingredients for swedish cardamom rolls are checked in. I shall bake them tomorrow. All set.


kiSskiSsBingBing said...

haha!! I have the same mixer too! and i got it from the yard sale... the owner was like "hey, u gotta love this. this is a steal!" but my roommate kinda owns it now. but no joke, this thing is like a robot... and the noises it makes...

IceCatSeoul said...

It's my first mixer. It was supposed to a quiet model. I didn't know it could be this loud. Just like those drink blenders used for Fraps in Starbucks.
I must admit that it's a great kitchen gadget and ultra stylish.