Monday, February 11, 2008

Roadtrip to Southwestern Frace

My road trip in SouthWest of France

Last Tuesday, Ced and I took a road trip to the South/Southwest coastal region of France.

Day One Albi
We were supposed to leave home at 8am. But, since we woke up late that very first day of the trip - because of the very last minute packing- we departed at 10ish and drove for 2.5 hours reaching the Albi around 30 past noon.

Etap Hotel, Albi
We checked into Etap Hotel Albi for 34 Euros per night with parking for 5 Euros per night. The room was rather spacious, basic and clean. It came with a clean bathroom furnished with towels and soap. The only complain was there was no shampoo or conditioner. There were hot and cold drink vending machines at the lobby. It was about 1 Euro per drink. There was also a restaurant within the hotel that served 5 Euros breakfast which looked extremely basic: Tea, coffee, toast and jams and yogurts. I would definitely recommend it for anyone on budget travel.

Lunch at L'esprit Du Vin, Albi

After checking in, we hurried to our lunch destination which is about 20 mins walk from the hotel. We circled the small streets a few times before arriving at the restaurant that had no signage. The name of this 1 star Michellin restaurant is L'esprit Du Vin. It is the only one star restaurant in Albi. David Enjalran is the chef behind this gastronomic cuisine in medieval cave with contemporary decor and tableware. The ambiance was very tranquille with paintings of Toulouse Lautrec in the background and planted with beautiful soft lighting.

As soon as we ordered from the menu, we were served delicious piping hot breads in a long lacquered-black bamboo bread holder. One of the bread that I liked the most was fig and walnut breads. There was also black olive mini baguettes as well as plain mini baguettes. Next, we had the amuse-bouches that were too beautiful to be eaten. I had my camera clicking for the next 20 secs before I sank my teeth onto them.

It was a Boudin Noire(Pig's blood sausage) rolled in roasted sesame with Mousse De Harricot Blanc (Navy beans mousse).

My 30 Euro menu came with an appetizer, a main and a dessert.

For appetizer, my Nem de Aubergine et foie de veau with feuille de sesame(Spring rolls of eggplant and veal's liver with leaf of sesame) came with a bed of Mesculin Greens.

My main dish came in a marmite and 5 fried onions rings. The marmite has chunks of queue de lotte(monk fish), leeks and carrots with a white wine creamy sauce. The fish was very fresh and tender and it was great with the wine sauce.

The waitress served us a glass of beetroot sorbet to cleanse our palate before dessert. The sorbet tasted a little sweet and sour like plums, but unusual and strange to my liking.

To finish my meal, I had a Trio Of Orange, with a refreshing orange sorbet with freshly cut oranges slices with orange marshmallow with a crispy sugar nougatine.

Before we left the restaurant, the waitress offered us some chocolates. We paid a total of 100euro for 2 without wine, just some San Pellegrino.

L'esprit Du Vin
11, quai Choiseul

Tél : 05 63 54 60 44

In Albi

After a heavy lunch, we promenaded around the city. We crossed the 2 bridges and saw lots of interesting houses that I would never had seen in the Southeastern France. Lots of woods and stones were used in the construction of these medieval houses, some walls were not aligned straight.

The cathedral Saint-Cecile was overlooking the river with couples relaxing by the riverside and some dog lovers walking their dogs. We were there at the backyard of Saint-Cecile during sunset and the view was magnificent. The sun casted its light on the cathedral, making the whole place beam in gold. Toulouse Lautrec Museum, just steps away, was closed for renovation. Between the museum and the cathedral was a Japanese-style Zen garden which seemed a little out of place with the French tradition and culture.

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