Saturday, April 21, 2007

Scrumptious Saturday lunch at Focacino

Maybe I broke my diet. Not sure about that.

After a whole week of dining in, Ced and I decided to spoil ourselves. Not that the meals that I prepared was unsavory, but staying home was boring and dining out is a fun experience. Imagine dining in 7 days a week. I really needed to get out!

Eating out during a diet is rather painful. But I would rather practise some self-control than to be bored.

So that Saturday afternoon, we went to our newly discovered cafe, Focaccino. The very first time, we ordered 2 focaccias (one Cherry Tomatoes and one Potatoes); for dessert, I got myself a Tiramisu and Ced got an Opera. The Tiramisu was indeed to die for and surely I would help myself to another serving if my stomach would allow. It is probably the best I had in Seoul.

I almost forget to mention the focaccias which are the bases of this cafe.
Focaccino has the best selection of focaccias, ranging from Bacon, Onion, Peppers to Chocolate, Fig and Tropica. I have only tried 5 out of 12 so far. My favourite being the Cherry Tomatoes with Herbs de Provence.

On that second visit, I treated myself to a plate of Tomato Seafood Spaghetti, that came with complimentary warm focaccia and a dip which tasted pretty much like Ranch Dressing. The spaghetti was healthy and light compared to regular Italian cooking that uses tonnes of olive oil. I was so glad that I ordered that. I skipped the Ranch dressing entirely.

While seated close to the service counter, I saw plates of Tiramisu flying past me. Too bad I wasn't one of customers ordering it. I can understand the reason behind its popularity. IT IS SIMPLY HUGE, with thick layers of mascapone cream, genoise, coffee and chocolate. It is more than enough for 2 people. For someone on diet, it was just too tormenting to look at it.

Til then, I resisted all high calories loaded food . Until...

Ced ordered a small Chocolate Dome. I took a few spoonfuls and left the rest for him to finish. How dietic!

I was getting frantic about the calories I had consumed until I saw a sticker on the gold plastic plate on which the dessert was served. It had the nutritional values of the cake and the manufacturer info which turned out to be Shilla Bakery (probably Focaccino doesn't have inhouse dessert production). Most importantly, it had only 400 calories.

Phew! I always thought a piece of mousse cake had 800 kcal or more.

Big lunch meant light dinner. So that Saturday night, we had Vegetable Sukiyaki, made with soy sauce-mirin broth and Korean Potato Noodles (Glass Noodles used in Jap Chae). Will be posting the recipe later.

Focacino is located at Sadang Station next to Coffee Bean.

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