Sunday, April 29, 2007

Hi Seoul Festival: World Food court

Saw Royal Guards Ceremony at Deoksokgung

Just came back from the international food fair at City Hall, Seoul. It was really a treat for my stomach. I couldn't care less about my diet. This is an once a year event that I surely couldn't miss.

The first stall I hurried to was the Singapore Booth. There were only Yakun Kaya Toasts and Chicken Curry with French Baguette. I was rather disappointed since the Singapore Club said that the menu list include Hainanese Chicken Rice and Laksa. I couldn't complain.

Forget about the Laksa. Stop whining!

So, I bought the curry at 3,000 won. It was rather tasty despite the bad presentation - a bowl of curry together with 2 slices of baguette half-soaked in curry. I skipped Yakun since there are 2 branches in Seoul and I just wanted to try all the food unavailable in Seoul.

Next cuisine I tried was Malaysian. The Roti Canai there looked delicious. One cook preparing the Roti Canai was just a student on an exchange program in Seoul. He was flipping the dough and pulling it like a real Prata Man in Singapore. For only 1,500 won, I got myself a general serving of Roti Canai with egg and curry to dip.

Malaysian traditional Costumes

Detecting some Satays nearby with my Singaporean antennae, I followed the scent and it led me to an Indonesian booth with a long queue. The satays smelled really meaty and smoky, just like those back in Singapore. I missed Southeast Asian food a lot but I would give these Satays a miss. The queue was simply too long.

There wasn't enough tables and chairs set up at the fair. Ced and I just had to stand in the shade, finish eating and move on to the next booth.

Sudanese food

We continued walking and bought some Austrian sausages and meat loaf with bread. Then we got some Sudanese food and Israeli's Couscous with vegetable and refreshing iced mint tea.

We saw another long queue at the Lebanon. The booth was selling Shawarmas with a professional chef showing off his slicing skill on the skewered meat.

Other cuisines include Japanese, Chinese, Korean, German, Australian, Mexican, Peruvian, Laotian, Vietnamese, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh, Kazakhstan, Russia, America and so on. I think there were at least 40 over countries participating in this event.

So much to try in one afternoon. If only it can be like this everyday!

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