Thursday, April 19, 2007

Everyone's having the weight issue at some point of their lives

Current situation
The winter had provided me a few good excuses to eat like a glutton. But let's go back to reality: I have gained 2-3 kilos that I am frantically anxious to shed them off. I am bloated like what the chinese would describe - rice dumpling wrapped in lotus leaf, tied up tightly with a kitchen string. Or you can picture it this way: A big piece of beef tenderloin, tied up tightly in several rounds of string. My eyes look like they are swallowed up by my chubby cheeks. I can still fit into my pants but they look tight on me.

Choco Addict
I'm done with dark chocolate for the time being. I used to joke with a close friend of mine that ' Everyday is Easter', meaning I have chocolate every single day. It lifts my spirit up instantaneously. Now I have to kick that strong addiction out of my daily diet. Think about all the nice swim suit I can wear! Maybe I should photoshop a picture with my full body, add 20 kg to it, print the picture and paste the poster on the wall to remind me every day I could look like that.

More veggies, fish and seafood
My daily menu(lunch and dinner) would change to a more vegetarian diet and less beef since meat has lots of calories, beef being the highest of all. Seafood and fish would probably be the best substitute for meat. I shall include them in my grocery shopping list.

Olive Oil
As for fat for cooking, I always use olive oil for sauteeing, soup and salad. So I won't have to change that.

Cooking methods
I almost never used deepfry method of cooking. I hate greasy food deepfried battered food. So I don't have to worry about getting greasy food out of my meals. However, my main style of cooking is sauteeing which requires at least 1-2 tablespoon of olive oil. I'm considering steaming food, proaching and baking as an alternative.

Breakfast (at home)
2 slices of Toast bread with jam, half a grapefruit, a yoghurt and an Earl Grey. No Lu Petit Ecolier 45% dark Chocolate biscuits (Something that I snack on every morning. It is going to be a hard habit to kick.)

Weekday Lunch outside
Usually Korean food at a food court. The food is rather healthy. Lots of rice, veggies and grain. Very little meat. The portion at the food court is usually big. What I need to do is to share my food with someone or eat only half the amount of food on the tray.

Weekend Lunch and Most Dinner
This is when I cook. I'll cook according to my diet menu. It is easier to count the calories when preparing food on my own. I frequent this site called Calorie Count which provides nutritional information of food. It has a very comprehensive list of food, including supermarket premade frozen meals and ready made sauces.

Dessert at dinner
Unlimited amount of fruits, no banana and sometimes low-fat yoghurt(about 60-80 calories)

Fruits basically but no banana, no walnut or almond, no chocolate bar!

Unlimited amount of tea(occassionally with honey for a small treat) and water. No more daily cuppuccino I swear! I bought a 1 usd electric frother from Singapore, it is simply too tempting to make a cappucino at home with the automatic espresso machine I have.

I haven't got time to think about it yet. I really hate sweat.

Blog posts for the next few weeks
Well, I will document my diet, write about all the healthy food or dishes and take lots of pretty pictures. In order for a diet to work well, the diet menu has to be fanciful. Imagine the 'joy' of eating a plain salad with low fat dressing from the supermarket everyday. I would use my creativity to make appetising meals without jeopardising the diet. Sounds like a big challenge.

This blog will serve the biggest motivation for me to keep up with the diet. My goal is simple: lose that 4 kg.

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