Saturday, April 07, 2007

Preparing Crepes in Seoul

High fruit concentration jam!

Some European Jams found in Emart Yangjae, Seoul. I like St Dalfour Four Fruit Jam which doesn't contain any sugar. It's purely fruits and it is sweetened with grape juice. Extremely high quality jam. However, St Dalfour costs 5,500won( 6 usd) for a 284g jar.

Prima fruit jam from Italy contains 55% fruit and you can see lots of chunky fruits in the jam. You can choose from a variety of fruits: cherry, raspberry, apricot, strawberry and peach. The price is only 2,500won. A real value of money!

Forget about Nutella!
I found Nutella spread to be insanely priced in Seoul. A 400g jar has a hefty price tag at 6,000won(6.5 usd) at Emart. Ouch!

A shot of espresso with some hot crepes. That's how breakfast should be everyday!

French Crepe Recipe:
4 eggs
2 cups of flour
2 cups of milk
1 tbp of oil
3 sachets of vanilla sugar (20g total)
1 tbp orange flower water
pinch of salt
Butter to cook

Mix all the ingredients together and let it rest for 30 mins before cooking it.

Melt a teaspoon of butter on a crepe pan on medium heat. Add a ladle of crepe mixture to cover the pan thinly. It should sizzle or else the pan is not hot enough. Cook each side for about 1 min until light brown.

Serve immediately with some fruit jam or Nutella.

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