Saturday, March 17, 2007

Coquille St Jacque

Coquille St Jacque
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I found some really nice looking scallops in Lotte Mart last Tuesday. I bought only 2 of them since they were pretty expensive. 1.5 USD each. The shells were the size of my palm but the scallops themselves were of the size of cherry tomatoes, seen in this picture.

The job
Prepping the scallops were not easy. I had to slide a knife inside the shell and scrape the scallops and pry open the shell. Holding the scallop meat with my fingers, I removed all the yucky looking black stomach. Then I had to remove all the white membrane carefully without breaking the orange coral attached to the scallop meat.
Since I was going to use just 2 shells, I got them scrubbed and rinsed.

Cooking the scallops was a breeze. I covered the interior of shells with a layer of boiled spinach. Then I placed a prepped scallop on each shell, followed by some salt and pepper seasoning. Next I covered the scallop with sauce bearnaise, sprinked a layer of grated emmental cheese and another layer of breadcrumbs.
The Coquilles St Jacques were then put into the oven for 30 mins at 200 degree celsius.

Et voila!
The result was 2 beautiful crusted scallop shells and slightly overcooked scallops. So cooking time needs to be cut down to 20 mins at 180 degree celsius. Maybe I will add some mushrooms next time.

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