Friday, March 16, 2007

Bo Lo Bao aka Pineapple Bun

A typical afternoon snack in Hong Kong to go with milk tea or coffee. It is a sweet bread with crusty top, usually served with a slice of butter.

When I was back in Singapore for Chinese New Year, I realized lots of HongKong style cafes have spruced up all over the island. I actually went to one cafe for some quick lunch. The name of the restaurant is WanChai.

What I ordered was a Bo Lo Bao and a Hong Kong milk tea. Rather delightful.


kEV said...

This BLB is beautiful. But not quite the original hongkong BLB though.

IceCatSeoul said...

I have never tried the authentic Hong Kong Bo Lo Bao. The only ones I have tried are from Singapore.

Where can you get tasty Bo Lo Bao in HongKong? I'll go there next time when I visit Hong Kong.

In Hong Kong dramas or movies, I usually see Bo Lo Bao served in not-so-nice looking restaurants. How true is this?

In Singapore, we can always get Bo Lo Bao in a Crystal Jade Kitchen Bakery(a Chinese restaurant chain). Lately lots of trendy and inexpensive Hong Kong cafes are opening all over the Singapore island. They usually sell Tong sui, coffee and tea, sandwiches, pasta, rice and noodles.

Do you see a new trend of Hong Kong Cha chan ting with modern and beautiful decor?

kEV said...

Wow! Looks like you're seriously into BLB and some other stuff here huh?

BLB is like everywhere food in HK. The standard is very consistent everywhere you go. You can find them at bakeries and Cha Chan Ting.

Nowadays Cha Chan Ting's are too commercialised. Very few of them would serve good BLB. So, best, probably have to find at bakeries.

Have you tried the HK egg-tart? It's equally famous here.

Yes, those new CCT with modern decor are nice but they can't retain the old original taste.

Let me know when you come visit here. I'll show you some of the best CCTs or places for BLB, eggtarts, noodles, congee and HK-styled tea and coffee!