Monday, January 15, 2007

New Year's Eve Dinner

New Year's Eve
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A great 7-course dinner at The Bistro, Novotel, at 88,000won each. Best of all, it was a quiet night for a New Year's Eve. We were the only ones there, obviously with all the other 10-20 tables, all candles lit, clean and empty at 9pm.
I wondered what happened to all those food prepped for this mega event: mushroom and leek mousse, roasted chestnut soup, trios surprise(a raw oyster topped with goat cheese mousse, foie gras terrine, minced fresh crab cakes), white wine peach granita, the steamed veggies for the main course beef medallion topped with grilled squab and pan seared foie gras and lastly, the dessert and petits fours- all of which prepared in advance to cope the big audience expected to come and dine on this special day.
Sitting there at a table decorated artistically with salt-like confetti, just like snow flakes on the background, white plates and silver ware scattered on the snow, I thought what was the food cost of an even like this. I couldn't help thinking about it since I was taught to reduce food cost at the French bakery I used to work in. It's one of the first thing you learnt in the food industry.
No doubt it seemed like an unexciting night for a New Year's Eve, it was a surprise haven for us to get away from the usual crowdedness of Seoul.

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