Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Food bloggist doing her part to save the earth

I watched the Inconvenient Truth By Al Gore and was deeply disturbed by the facts he mentioned about global warming.

As a citizen of planet earth, I have a responsibility to spread the words to fight global warming. During the last few days, I immersed myself in all the global warming sites. I wanted to find out as much as I could to make up for my ignorance for my past 20 years. Global warming has been mentioned over and over again for decades, not a new term coined over the last few years. Yet no one really listens or cares. I care now. I hope it is not too late to start changing my habits and to inspire anyone I know to change their view about global warming.
Steps I have taken:

I have joined the march to stop global warming. You can join too!

Stop Global Warming

I have emailed everyone I know to take actions against global warming and I posted banners on my blog. Everyone living on planet Earth needs to be educated about global warming and it is true.

Cut down on electricity, water and heating: It's winter in Seoul now, my appartment is usually around 19 degrees celsius. I would put on more sweater and thicker socks or cover myself in blanket. I would stop heating my apartment unless it gets unbearably cold.

I am using less water to brush my teeth.

I am trying to cut down on kitchen paper towels, instead I am using a dish sponge and kitchen cloth towels to wipe up spills or to mess.

I am already recycling most of my garbage given that South Korea is very strict on recycling, all garbage needs to be separated: food trash, paper, plastic, glass, glass. How spoilt and selfish I was to complain about how the Korean government is making lives more difficult for its residents. I am willing to suffer a little for a good cause.

I turn off my computer when I am not using it. I am already using a energy efficient PC. My phone charger and hair dryer are unplugged when not in use.

I turn off the lights when not in use.

I am using a drying rack to dry my clothes even though clothes dry slower in winter. I shall not be attempted to use the electric dryer unless I have bulky items like bed comforter.

I bring reusable bags when I go shopping. Sometimes I forget, but I will try harder to remember it.

I am taking public transport - bus and subway.

I am going to have meat only once a week. I will go green on my diet - more veggies. ( Do you know cows are one of the greatest methane emitters, methane is the second most significant greenhouse gas?)

I shall plant more herbs and even bigger houseplants in my apartment.

I hope to change the view of many Americans regarding global warming. We must pressure George Bush and his adminstation to sign the Kyoto Protocol. I hope all countries can speed up their actions to reduce emission carbon dioxide and greenhouse gases. Economy is not everything. Climatic change will continue to do irreversible damages at an accelerating rate. Glaciers are disappearing, some wildlives will be driven into extinction, eg polar bears, birds, fishes. Global warming is man-made and we must undo it.


tigerfish said...

Hi, I was at a blog directory and found your blog. I think I do have this Al Gore CD but have not watched it in details yet. Many hidden truths in this show, ya ?
I keep a food blog, and also "training" myself for an amateur cook.
Of course, miss S'pore cuisine as well, while in the US of A.

IceCat in Seoul said...

Hey tigerfish,
Which part of USA are you in? There are a few Singaporean restaurants all over US.
Glad to meet someone who misses Singaporean cuisine as much as me. But I am lucky to be in Singapore now for 2 weeks of vacation....
ate minced pork noodles,ipoh hor fun, curry fish head and kaya toasts! I am going to stuff myself before I go back to Seoul