Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Street food in Seoul

Last week my family visited me in Seoul. Just when the temperature took a dive. On their very first night, I brought them to a place buzzling with young people, bars, loud korean music and street food vendors. People were seen surrounding the madeshift food store tent, standing and eating and chatting among friends.

Out of curiosity, we ordered a plate of the white cyclinders simmering in crimson red sauce sold by some ladies in aprons on the street. It was huge serving on a styrofoam plate with bamboo skewers for picking up the cyclinders. I wondered if it tasted delicious.

I took a bite of the red saucy cyclinder which turned out to be rice cake. Hot, sweet, spicy and chewy were the only few words that could simply describe the dish. In such cold weather, it became a cheap luxury food for the Koreans - just 2 USD.
I later came to know the name of these spicy rice cake: Tteokbokki.

This tteokbokki store didn't just specialise in tteokbokki. It carried on the menu Twigim and Takkochi. Twigim is like the Korean version of vegetable, seafood and dumpling tempura; Takkochi is grilled chicken with red spicy sauce on skewer.

If you want to experience the Korean culture, you got to eat like the Koreans. Give the street food a try!

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