Friday, November 10, 2006

Bitter winter cravings

This winter has brought November to a very cold and windy start. I stopped my regular morning 1- hr walk in the park close to my apartment. I dread the cold wind slicing through my skin and bones like a knife. Neither can I conceive the arrival of glacial December, not to mention January till May. Oh yes, it snowed in last May!

There is something peculiar about me in every winter: I have a tremendous appetite. I have cravings for anything hot, rich and sweet - Dark Chocolates, Nutella, Hot Chocolate, Crepes, Roasted Chestnuts, Sweet Chestnut Puree, Candied Chestnuts, Sweet Black Rice Soup( Singaporean dessert, aka Pulut Hitam, it's like a hot glutinous black rice pudding served with coconut milk ), Sweet Red Bean Soup and Bobo Cha Cha(Sweet potato cubes cooked in coconut milk and palm sugar, with or without tapioca pearls). I cannot resist Bungol Pang - a Korean pancake filled with sweet red bean paste, shaped in a fish - sold in every corner and street in Seoul. I guess in winter, walking in penguin-like motion, struggling with the icy wind, my nose has learnt to detect the aroma of piping hot, freshly made Bungol Pang.

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