Friday, August 18, 2006

Making Caviar d'Aubergine with Korean eggplants

It's summer time in Seoul, eggplants are plentiful at the local food market in Seoul. These eggplants are different from the European eggplants. The Korean eggplants has no bitterness, they are very slender and long with less flesh than the big fat monstrous European ones.
I decided that I would make Caviar d'aubergine, often called Poor Man's Caviar. I'm not a big fan of Russian Caviar or any kind of Caviar. But I love eggplants.

The making...

... My first attempt was distrastrous. The making of Caviar D'aubergine usually involves grilling the eggplant at high heat, charring the skin and removing the flesh.
So, I grilled eggplants and charred the skin. The catastrophe arrived when I tried to scoop out the flesh from halved eggplant. I couldn't. Because there wasn't much flesh left after grilling. The flesh was adhering to the skin. I attempted to skin it with a sharp knife. That worked but it took me a whole 30 mins, leaving the muscles in my arm aching. The result was a microscopic amount of flesh from 3 Korean eggplants. Not worth the effort, considering the time and the pain.

A few days after, I bought 4 eggplants from the local market again. This time, I peeled them first, cut them into 2 cm cubes and put it into a microwavable casserole(covered) which was set in my microwave oven on Hi-heat for 7 minutes. I then added a few more ingredients to the cooked eggplant and pureed them. Well, the end results was spectacular: 2 Jars of Caviar d'Aubergine, lasted for a week.

Anyway if you happen to live in Seoul, AND you want to make Caviar d'Aubergine, AND you can only find Korean eggplants, my advice to you is microwave the peeled eggplants!

The downside of microwaving is the slight compromise in taste. Give me the European eggplants juseyo!

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